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We Offer Three Different Agent Plans

100% Commission Plan

Benefits of 100% commission plan:

  • Full broker support
  • Training for newer agents
  • Built in buyer for your listings
  • Discounted marketing materials
  • No required desk or floor time
  • Access to fully functional office including scanner, fax, copier and conference room for meeting with clients
  • Notary Public in office
  • Get paid for your closings at closing table

Cost of 100% commission plan:

  • $200 Monthly Desk Fee
  • $295 Transaction Fee per deal
  • Many value added a la carte services

Value added services to 100% commission plan:

  • Transaction Coordinator
  • Skip Tracing
  • Sign Rental
  • Discounted Lockboxes
  • HUD/Asset Manager Keys
  • Bandit Signs

70/30 Split Plan

  • 70/30 Commission Split
  • No monthly desk fee
  • Commissions paid within 24 hours of closing
  • $295 Transaction Fee
  • Business Cards Provided
  • Signs Provided
  • Lockboxes Provided
  • Skip Tracing Service Available
  • Notary Public in Office
  • Fully functional office with Conference Room for client meetings
  • Built in buyer for your listings
  • HUD keys for selling Government owned properties

Wholesale Agent Plan

  • We offer one of the most competitive Wholesale Agent training plans available in all of Florida
  • Learn how to evaluate and negotiate contracts, evaluate rehab estimates and flip contracts
  • Our proven marketing program will have your phone ringing on the very first day
  • Highest compensation plan we offer