REISFL Mission Statement

Real Estate Investment Source’s mission is to provide market access to residential Real Estate Investors. Providing market access involves the activities of Real Estate investment services to include acquisition of wholesale properties, financing, rehab and property management. Real Estate Investment Source and the real estate investor employ a teamwork strategy to the process of completing a Real Estate Investment Project. All of Real Estate Investment Source’s activities shall be in the Real Estate Investors’ best interests, and in the interest of making our Team, the most competitive Real Estate Organization in the Industry.

Guiding Principles

Guiding Principles are to be utilized toward the accomplishment of REIS’s Mission Statement:

  • All REIS activities, at all times, will be in 100% compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.
  • All customer and all inter-company activities and transactions will be carried out with full disclosure.
  • The service level to our Real Estate Investors should be the highest in the industry. Customer service should be a continual process of improvement.
  • At all times, price levels should be fair for the level of service being provided, and fair when compared to the realized value to our Real Estate Investor. We should be in continual process of improving the value to customer vs. price ratio.
  • REIS will focus all activities on acquisitions that meet our business plan.
  • All REIS interactions with other real estate industry service providers will be carried out with the highest degree of consideration and respect for the other party. Every contact with other industry organizations should be conducted in a manner that strengthens our network relationship with that entity.
  • All REIS business transactions with real estate investors and other real estate industry service providers must result in Win-Win conclusions.
  • All REIS team members should have the talent and expertise to enable accomplishment of our Mission Statement, while working at a comfortably sustainable pace.
  • All REIS team members must at all times represent our organization with the highest degree of honesty and moral integrity.