Palm_Beach_County_SealEstimated Population in 2010: 1,320,134
670 Square Miles
Median Income per Household: $45,062
County Seat: West Palm Beach, FL
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Approximately 12,000 years ago, Native Americans began migrating into Florida. The tribes settling in modern day Palm Beach County included the Ais’, Calusas, Jaegas, Mayaimis, and Tequestas. An estimated 20,000 Native Americans lived in South Florida when the Spanish arrived. Their population diminished significantly by the 18th century, due to warfare, enslavement, and diseases from Europe. In 1513, Juan Ponce de León, who led a European expedition to Florida earlier that year, became the first non-Native American to reach Palm Beach County, after landing in the modern day Jupiter area. Among the first non-Native American residents were African Americans, many of whom were former slaves or immediate descendants of former slaves who had escaped to the State of Florida from slave plantations located in Alabama, Georgia, and South Carolina. Runaway African slaves started coming to what was then Spanish Florida in the late 17th century and they found refuge among the Seminole Native Americans. During the Seminole Wars, these African-American slaves fought with the Seminoles against White settlers and bounty hunters. Portions of the Second Seminole War occurred in Palm Beach County, including the Battle of Jupiter Inlet in 1838.



City of Atlantis
City of Belle Glade
City of Boca Raton
City of Boynton Beach
Town of Briny Breezes
Town of Cloud Lake
City of Delray Beach
Town of Glen Ridge
Village of Golf
City of Greenacres
Town of Gulf Stream
Town of Haverhill
Town of Highland Beach
Town of Hypoluxo
Town of Juno Beach
Town of Jupiter
Town of Jupiter Inlet Colony
Town of Lake Clarke Shores
Town of Lake Park

City of Lake Worth
Town of Lantana
Town of Loxahatchee Groves
Town of Manalapan
Town of Mangonia Park
Village of North Palm Beach
Town of Ocean Ridge
City of Pahokee
Town of Palm Beach
City of Palm Beach Gardens
Town of Palm Beach Shores
Village of Palm Springs
City of Riviera Beach
Village of Royal Palm Beach
City of South Bay
Town of South Palm Beach
Village of Tequesta
Village of Wellington
City of West Palm Beach


There are no unincorporated communities.