Don’t be fooled by other Real Estate Investment Companies that are not able to provide all the tools that are necessary to be successful in the market today. Not only do we provide the knowledge and the inventory to make your investment a success but we have also teamed up with a full service Retail Residential Brokerage Lake Monroe Realty that has extensive knowledge and marketing capabilities in the Central Florida area. We are the exclusive Real Estate Investment Company for Secured Investment Lending Corp SILC, which is the Premier Hard Money Lender in the Central Florida market today. Having these exceptional companies as part of our Team allows us to provide a far superior investment experience for our Customers.


At REIS, we know how overwhelming and time consuming it may be for a first time or even for a seasoned investor. We strive to simplify the process of investing in real estate for investors of all experience levels to maximize the potential of the profits they seek in 4 Simple Steps…FIND…FUND…FIX…EXIT!

We find profitable wholesale investment opportunities for our Real Estate Investor Network by using more than 15 different sources for acquisitions. We evaluate each property individually and negotiate on these properties with the maximum profitability in mind for our network of investors.

Our investor will be provided with a comprehensive packet for every property that we are advertising for sale. The packets will provide a financial analysis, comparable sales, neighborhood trends, and property tax information to help better ensure the investors confidence with our evaluation.

We are the best hard money lenders in Orlando for  Private financing in the industry today for our Real Estate Investors. We are the exclusive Real Estate Investment Company for Secured Investment Lending, which is one of the premier Hard Money Lenders in the market today. They have a quick and easy pre-qualification program that we are extremely familiar with and that will allow you to be ready and prepared when looking at these investment opportunities.

REIS have access to the best service providers in the industry today. We work closely with local home inspectors and renovation evaluators to ensure that our network of investors is able to maximize their profits throughout their investment project. We have names and contacts of local contractors that many of our investors use to complete their projects.

REIS also provides an in house engineering firm, architect and construction company for the more serious renovation project. We have a rehab consultant who can walk anyone through their first project as well as manage projects for the most seasoned Real Estate Investors. We are the most professional FULL service Real Estate Investment Company in the industry today.

REIS provides our members access to any forms that might be needed throughout any type of investment real estate transaction. Within our members area, which is absolutely FREE, you will find contracts, lease agreements, mls listing forms, lease application, background/credit check form, etc. We even offer FREE MLS listing of your property when you are ready to rent or sell your property. Our goal is to make your real estate investing experience as easy and successful as possible.

“We don’t just want to sell you an investment property, we want to help you through the whole process of Buying, Funding, Fixing and selling or renting your property. Our Success depends on your Success”